Life camps bungalows in flat pack for construction sites

bungalow en kit pour base vie de chantier
The prefabricated bungalow in kit set is a quick, reliable and unexpensive answer for the settlement of a life camp at a construction site. The prefabricated bungalow can become one of these many things like an office, studio, canteen or workspace. It is indeed the basis unit for the installation of modular constructions of all sizes, temporary or permanent. The design of our bungalows was thought so that the delivery would be optimized and secured to Africa and throughout the entire world. Delivered quickly and ready to use, these bungalows in kit set are a very competitive answer to all of your projects.

What is a bungalow in kit set?

Commonly called « algéco » or prefabricated building, the bungalow in kit set is the fundamental unit for the construction of modular buildings. By juxtaposing and piling them one upon the other, it is possible to arrange the space of the building depending on your needs, from a few square meters to several hundreds of square meters.
Every bungalow is genuinely made of a galvanized steel frame, a door, windows and sandwich panels that are constituting the walls. Every unit is delivered with all the following equipment:

  • insulated sandwich panels walls,
  • potential partitions,
  • floor trimmed with PVC (or else),
  • insulated roof with storm water recovery,
  • door(s) and window(s),
  • electricity : lighting, channels, switch(es), socket(s),
  • plumbing : tray(s), toilet, water pipes and drains,
Layout of a unit in kit form for life camp on a construction site
In other words, all the interior equipment of the bungalow is provided and ready to be assembled. The packaging in kit set or flatpack of the units limits the volume and eases the transport. Indeed, it is possible to convey up to 10 bungalows in a same truck or a 40′ shipping container, which will reduce the transport costs of the units.
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The assets of the construction site bungalow in kit set

The mobility


We deliver bungalows in flat pack everywhere in Africa. The units are then assembled and put up together on site. Our network of forwarding agents allows us to address to all the harbours, especially in Central Africa, West Africa and Maghreb.


The bungalows are carried inside the shipping containers and we can put up to 10 bungalows (5.8 x 2.4m) in one container. Therefore it represents up to 140 square meters of modular building in just one 40′ shipping container (not including accessories such as air conditioning, pipework, stairs, over-roof …).

bungalows de chantier en kit conditionnés à plat



A manufacturing period averaging 5 to 6 weeks is enough to produce bungalows in kit form. Our European factory which employs more than 200 people is well anchored. Thus, we produce our frames, doors and windows internally. Thanks to 3 manufacturing lines of sandwich panels on site (polyurethane and rock wool), we comply with many of the technical expectations concerning your bungalows.


The assembly of the bungalows is an easy and fast operation which doesn’t require any technical specification qualifications. Our bungalows are assembled within half a day (not including electricity and plumbing). To assemble the bungalows in kit set, a crane is used to set the roofs up, only after  the bearing structure is screwed on (frame + corner posts angles).

Usine de production des panneaux sandwich
Montage d'un bungalow en kit pour base vie de chantier



Upon request, the bungalows in kit set can be connected one to another to create wide spaces. It is also possible to add a  floor to a maximum of two floors. We provide outside stairs in galvanized steel as well as handrails for the corridors.


The high level of integration of the factory allows us to push our solutions forward to your needs and to offer many accessories and options such as:

  • Bungalows resistance from wind, floor resistance,
  • Width, length and height of the bungalows according to maritime transport requested standards,
  • Nature and thickness of the sandwich panel walls,
  • Strengthening of the insulation of the roof and the floor,
  • Rot-proof Cementchip flooring panels
  • Nature and size of doors with the option of a door closer, panic bar, safety lock,
  • Windows insulated with double layer glass, rolling shutters and window bars,
  • Sinks, showers and toilets set-up upon request ,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Outside staircase,
  • Over-roof,
Plusieurs bungalows connectés entre eux pour former un grand espaceModule sanitaire de base vie de chantier

The Containers Solutions services for your construction site life camp

Vue intérieure d'un bureau container en kit pour l'exportExpert assessment and advice during the design of your life camp

Based on our strong experience, especially in export, we are able to adjust the number and the layout of the units in order to meet your needs. We will also be able to quickly offer you a first sketch of the building set container for your project. Our aim is to offer you the best compromise between the cost and the technical solution whether it is for a life camp of several hundreds of people or for a simple dismountable container.

Accompanying during the assembly

Upon request, we supply supervisors in order to share the methodology and the instructions during the assembly process. Indeed, the assembly teams are mostly hired on spot for cost and availabilities reasons.
Likewise, Containers Solutions supplies the plan for the foundations (posts and beams) on which the bungalows in kit set will be installed.

Safety and quality of the products as well as the projects

Upon request and depending on the projects, we can organize a prior visit of the manufacturing factory of the units. This visit will show you our capacity and our industrial organisation, as well as allow you to complete the technical details. A quality check at the end of the production can be done by ourselves or by an independent (subject to quote).
Our objective is to reassure you and to make you confident in our efforts to find the best solution adapted to your project !

Aménagement intérieur d'un bungalow en kit de base vie de chantier

An answer which provides many options of production

Module de base en kit pour bungalow de chantierOur bungalows in flat pack are perfectly adapted to be used as :

  • offices, headquarters, meeting rooms
  • housing, studio apartments
  • student and workers residences
  • collective buildings
  • Work camps and quarters
  • mobile working units
  • quarters
  • canteens or self-service restaurants

Our main website (see link in French) also offers many options for the use of the modular bungalows in flat pack.

In short words, whatever your modular project on the African continent might be, contact us for a free and quick estimate. Our team remains at your disposal to design the plans and to offer you a CIF project delivered as quickly as possible in the harbour of your choice.

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Alignement de bungalow de chantier pour base vie

For your needs of storage or temporary quarters, Containers Solutions also proposes metal flat pack storage containers in kit set. See also our prefab shelters and sentry boxes.

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