Quick assembling prefab houses

Quick assembling prefab houses are the best and least expensive worldwide solution for long-term housing in the case of natural disasters, refugees and immigrants, wars or any other housing projects.

Lowest cost of transport and logistics

Thanks to our prefabricated houses in flat packs, we can deliver them almost all over the world by using small volumes in trucks or in shipping containers lowering the cost of transport and logistics.

Once at the destination, the assembly on concrete slabs is simple and fast enabling to erect well insulated sandwich panels to build comfortable houses.

Design flexibility

Using modular flat pack housing allows a wide range of solutions in regards to surface, quantity of rooms, choice and positioning of openings (doors, windows, sliding doors etc.) resulting in a more comfortable long-term housing solution than a temporary one. Householders will feel at home and be able to enjoy their privacy.

We provide good solutions for insulation thanks to a wide range of sandwich panel thicknesses (see panels’ specifications).

Quickest housing solution

Our prefab houses are generally manufactured within 5 to 6 weeks which enables us to have a shorter delivery time even though ground or sea transportation is needed.

Therefore we are the best solution in terms of pricing, delivery, production, flexibility and easy assembling. This is why we are often chosen by governments, communities and industries when long-term housing is needed.

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Housing for long-term projects

Our solution is often chosen by foreign workers and their families as it allows them to have a quick and less expensive solution.

Besides traditional modules for work camps, Containers Solutions also counts flat pack prefab houses.

What is different from a traditional work camp bungalow?

A container or bungalow is composed of a base and roof frame laying on a light foundation (generally concrete) whilst our prefab houses are erected directly on concrete slabs not like traditional constructions.

Unlike traditional construction, all components are supplied in kit set (walls, ceilings, roof, and openings).

It is like a full LEGO puzzle that can be assembled in a record time of a few days by only 3 people for a 60m² house (not counting foundations).

This type of container cannot be moved or dismantled, only in special cases.

Containers Solutions assists you all along your project. A supervisor’s assistance is almost essential at least at the beginning of the unpacking and assembling phases.

Houses for export

These unexpensive and quick assembling houses would not be adaptable for European countries where extreme weather conditions especially in winter, nor for cyclonic areas. However it is the best solution for tropical countries where traditional construction becomes difficult and expensive.

Contact us to develop together your project (valid for major projects).

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