Prefabricated modular sentry boxes

Modular sentry post

To be used as a reception sentry box, sentry post, cabin or booth, Containers Solutions offers technical assistance to answer your needs : the modular sentry box is based on sandwich panel solutions.

Modular sentry boxes made of sandwich panels

Glazed modular sentry box made of sandwich panelsTechnical characteristics of the modular sentry boxes

Thanks to our huge experience regarding modular construction, work camps and technical shelters, Containers Solutions is now proposing modular sentry boxes and cabins, made of sandwich panels.

The size of the booths or sentry boxes can vary from 1.5 square meters to several square meters.

Mostly used as a sentry post, security guards safety or ticket office, our clients also use it for various purposes such as a checkpoint, point of sale (newspapers, souvenirs, grocery …), information point, facility, etc.

Download the information (in french) pdf-pictomodular senty boxes

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A well-proven design to provide quality sentry boxes

Modular reception, sale or post sentry boxSturdy, reliable and easy to assemble: These are the feedbacks that our client give us regarding our products.

Our modular cabin will indeed last for a very long time. The basis kit is composed of a strong and galvanized structure:

  • a self-supporting frame,
  • 4 angle plots,
  • a roof equipped with a rainwater recovery system covering the 4 angles,
  • sandwich panels made of rot-proof foam adapted for doors and windows.

Our kits are fully equipped and all the assembly accessories are supplied in flat pack kit set !

A space adapted to your needs

Thanks to the modular technology from which they were conceived, it is really easy to offer the dimensions and the surface of your sentry box that is adapted to your needs. We count on a range of standard models, but more than 70% of our products are customized to precisely match your expectations.

Modular glazed shelterPlenty of options available

In order to fulfill your expectations, we are able to offer several options such as:

  • Outside dimensions and height beneath the ceiling depending on your requests,
  • Number and size of the openings depending on your needs (doors and windows),
  • Shutters on actuator lockable from the inside,
  • Plain, half-glazed or glazed doors are available,
  • Nature and thickness of the insulants,
  • Rot-proof cementchip floor panels,
  • Sliding, tilt-turning windows, rolling shutters, rolling blinds, barred windows, etc,
  • Air conditioning,
  • Toilets, shower, sink, etc,

Our technical consultants accompany you to create the modular sentry box you really need.

Modular reception roomDelivery of the modular sentry box in kit form throughout the world

As well as our bungalows, all our sentry boxes can be delivered in kit set inside shipping containers. Depending on the sizes, it is possible to pile ten sentry boxes or modular booths on top of each other in just one shipping container.

We supply a detailed assembly manual when the product is delivered. We can also send a supervisor on site to help you during the assembly and positioning phases (on estimate only).

For any modular sentry box project, feel free to contact us!

We also have work camps, prefab shelters, flat pack storage containers One of the strengths of Containers Solutions is the ability to adapt to the demands of our clients. Submit to us your needs, even the most specific ones, and we will do our best to provide an adapted technical answer.

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Sentry boxes in South Africa
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